Student Life Centre Council

Student Life Centre Council

For information on the SLC constiution please click here.

Council Voting Members:

Dean of Student Affairs – Ann Tierney  

President, AMS – Eril Berkok

President, SGPS – Iain Reeve

Vice-President (Operations), AMS – Nicola Plummer

Vice-President (Finance & Services), SGPS – Jillian Burford-Grinnell

Office of the VP Finance & Administration – Kim Murphy

Alumni – Vacant

Student Director – Rico Garcia

Undergraduate Students at Large

Appointed by AMS Assembly – Emily Fleck

Appointed by AMS Assembly – Ana Lopez

Appointed by Senate – Hannah Ramsay

SGPS Council-appointed student – Eric Rapos


Council Resource Members:

AMS Student Centre Officer – Annie Orvis

AMS Executive Director – Annette Paul

SLC Facility Officer – Wilf Johnston

SGPS Executive Director – Sean Richards

Associate Dean of Student Affairs – Roxy Denniston-Stewart (special invite)

SLC Administration Manager – Mark Asfar (scribe)


Executive Committee:

Ann Tierney

Eril Berkok

Iain Reeve

Annie Orvis