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Room, Table, and Equipment Reservations

Room and table reservations in the Student Life Centre may now be conducted online! Please give our Student Life Centre Reservation Coordinators 2-3 business days to process your booking.

Click here for our rate schedule for SLC spaces and equipment.

Click here for our detailed reservation policies.


If you request a table/chair set-up (for Wallace Hall, McLaughlin Room, Sutherland Room, or John Orr Room) please include an extra hour before, and a half an hour after your original requested meeting time.

You must list the full name of your organization (not just an acronym). If you a are a student group, please list which organization (AMS, SGPS, or Department) you are ratified under (e.g. AMS Mental Health Awareness Committee or ASUS Good Times Diner). If you are unsure how to classify your booking type, please refer to the following:

  • AMS = Alma Mater Society Commission, Committee or Service
  • SGPS = Society of Graduate and Professional Students Commission, Executive, or Committee
  • Student Group = Clubs ratified by the AMS, SGPS, and/or faculty societies
  • Department = Queens Internal (e.g. Music, Career Services, or Athletics)
  • External = Any person or organization external to Queen’s or not ratified by a governing body

For booking banner spaces, or for general room booking questions contact the Student Life Operations Manager.

SLC Room Reservation Policy FAQ

What is the reservation process?

Reservation requests are completed online through the new reservation system MIDAS. Once you have completed a request, you will receive an e-mail stating your request was received. This is not a confirmation of your reservation. Reservations are processed on a first come, first serve basis within 2-3 business days. If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail - with a link to your conditions of reservation. If your request is rejected, you will receive an e-mail with an explanation why. Please note that the SLC Office reserves the right to cancel or relocate reservations in the case of extenuating circumstances. You will receive notice, if such event were to occur.

Who may reserve space in Student Life Centre buildings?

The Student Life Centre is available to both internal organizations of Queen’s University and external organizations. AMS/SGPS or ratified departmental student groups may reserve space for free as long as they do not serve food in the space or require a set-up of furniture. Queen’s University academic and administrative departments may reserve space for free as long as they do not serve food in the space or require a set-up of furniture. The exception to this is the Queen’s Centre Boardrooms which automatically have a venue rental fee for Departments. In addition, if a Department reserves a space on behalf of an external organization, they are subject to external venue rental fees. External organizations may reserve space in Student Life Centre buildings; however, they are automatically subject to venue rental fees. The exceptions to this are the table spaces in front of Common Ground and Alfie’s which external organizations are not permitted to reserve. Please note the Student Life Centre Office reserves the right to refuse or cancel a reservation should it contravene the mandate of the Student Life Centre and/or University Code of Conduct.

When may our organization submit a recurring reservation?

Recurring reservation requests may be submitted from August 1st to September 30th of the Academic year. This gives student groups who are not active during the summer months an opportunity to organize. We accept up to 4 hours during this time period. After September 30th, clubs can submit further requests (beyond 4 hours); however, the SLC Office reserves the right to “bump,” or move recurring reservations of groups who have been allocated more than four hours per week, in order to accommodate another reservation request.

Are there associated feeds for reserving space?

You can view our rate schedule here. Please note that the SLC Office reserves the right to invoice groups who have inflicted damage upon SLC space. This process is purely restorative and the invoice will reflect the cost of repairing damages, any associated labour and lost revenue.

Can I have my event setup in advance with equipment (chairs and tables)?

If you would like to have your room set up with chairs and tables in advance of your event you may request a set up in our online booking system. Please follow up by contacting the Student Life Administration Manager with the details of your set up and equipment needs.

Can an organization be banned from reserving space in SLC Buildings?

Groups (student, department, or external) who consistently violate SLC policies will first be informed that their actions contravene building policy, and warned that further infractions will result in a ban from booking and posting in SLC space. If the contraventions persist, the organization will have its privileges revoked. In addition, if a group has any outdated invoices owed to the SLC Office, they will not be permitted to reserve space.