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TV Advertisements

TV Advertisements can be booked through our Booking Site. If you have any questions, please contact the our Reservations Manager or the Marketing Manager.

As of Monday, January 30th 2023, the SLC’s price rate guidelines are as follows:

Clubs (both ratified and non-ratified, individual students not acting on behalf of a business, faculty societies

AMS services, ASUS, Queen’s University departments and services, BISC, student-run businesses, Event Services bookings (not for revenue-generating purposes), SGPS

Small or local businesses operating in the Kingston area, students acting on behalf of small or local businesses, Event Services bookings made for revenue-generating activities

Major businesses, brands, or chains (including major franchise chains with an individual proprietor), students acting on behalf of a major business

TV Advertisement Pricing

External Television Advertising (Corporate and Commercial Tags)$56.50/week
Internal Television Advertising (Community and Classic Tags)$28.25/week
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