Queen's Centre 1st floor (284 Earl St.)
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AV Policy


  • Queen’s Centre boardrooms 504, 505 & 506, as well as JDUC Rooms 351 and 352 are equipped with a screen and a projector.  Wallace Hall is equipped with a sound cart and speakers.
  • Pre-packaged carts must not be removed from the Student Life Centre, or modified in any way. No equipment is to leave SLC spaces at any time. 
  • Student Life Centre Representatives will demonstrate the equipment and will take care of set up and removal.  During the time of the rental, the equipment is the responsibility of the borrower.  If the equipment is lost, stolen, broken or damaged, the borrower is responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement.
  • Standard AV service will operate between 9:00 AM and 11:00 PM.  Service outside these hours may be provided on a case-to-case basis and must be arranged ahead of time with the SLC Reservations Coordinator.
  • At the time of your rental, please come to the Student Life Centre Front Desk to sign out the equipment.  You will be required to leave your student card, staff card, or driver’s license at the desk during the time of your rental.
  • Payment must be received prior to use of the equipment.  Payment can be made by debit or credit during the SLC Operations Manager’s hours.  To arrange a time with the Operations manager, please email  slc.ops@queensu.ca.
  • For day of equipment rentals you must fill out an invoice form at the SLC front desk, and the payment will be requested in full. Day of bookings are subject to availability.
  • Outstanding balances will prevent your organization from renting equipment in the future.
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